ABP.IO Platform 6.0 Has Been Released

Volosoft has released version 6 of ABP Framework and ABP Commercial.

This major release includes the following additions:

  • LeptonX Lite is now the default theme for startup templates.

  • Optional PWA support is added to Get Started page.

  • Introducing the OpenIddict Module and switching to OpenIddict for the startup templates.

  • New .NET MAUI Startup Template.

  • Introducing the ITransientCachedServiceProvider interface.

  • Introducing the dynamic components for Blazor UI.

  • Improvements in ABP CLI.

  • Introducing the Volo.Abp.RemoteServices package.

  • Create/Update user accounts for external logins.

  • Sending test email in the setting page for MVC and Blazor user interfaces.

  • Improvements on the eShopOnAbp project.

Our team already had a chance to work on this release with Blazor UI and Lepton X with one of our clients. If you are considering an upgrade and have doubts feel free to have a quick chat with one of our experts.

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