ABP.IO Software Development Partner

Our team of Microsoft Certified developers will help taking ABP.IO SaaS project from first prototype to Go-Live, train your dev team and share best practices.


GDPR and HIPAA Compliant Customer Portal

ABP.IO, Angular, .Net Core WebAPI, Mongo DB, Native Apps, PWA, Push Notifications, WebRTC Video Calls, e-Signature, WhatsApp API, Azure Cloud.

Highlights of the technology stack:

  • ABP.IO, Angular
  • Net Core WebAPI
  • Mongo DB
  • Native Apps
  • PWA
  • Push Notifications
  • WebRTC Video Calls
  • e-Signature
  • WhatsApp API
  • Azure Cloud
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Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Web, Mobile, Desktop solutions leveraging latest ABP Framework, Microsoft and Open Source stack.


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