Introducing ASP.NET Zero v.13.0

We are thrilled to announce the launch of version 13.0 of the ASP.NET Zero Framework. This substantial update marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the framework, bringing a suite of enhancements and new features to the forefront of .NET development. Here’s what’s new in v13.0:

  1. Upgrade to .NET 8.0: Upgrade to .NET 8.0: The latest .NET 8.0 offers dynamic memory limits adjustment for cloud-native applications, especially beneficial for services running on platforms like Kubernetes. It also introduces enhancements in JSON serialization and deserialization functions, cryptography support, and compression capabilities, alongside Native AOT compilation improvements for macOS and Linux

2. Upgrade to Angular 17: Angular 17 enhances your development process with several key features:

TypeScript 5.2 Integration: Offers improvements in code readability, secure type, and the overall development experience. It supports metadata with decorator programming, enabling more organized and reusable code, and module augmentation for expanding existing modules without modifying the original code. New Declarative Control Flow: Simplifies writing and maintaining complex conditional logic in Angular templates, improving code management. Deferrable Loading: Enhances Angular performance by allowing web pages to load resources when needed, reducing bandwidth and server loading time.

3. Upgrade to Metronic 8.2.0: Benefit from the newest version of Metronic: The update includes 18 exclusive in-house components and 30 deeply integrated popular 3rd party plugins.

Other notable improvements include assets optimization (up to 75%), enhanced responsive layouts, overall layout structure and performance improvements, native custom scrollbars, and components lazy initialization via HTML attributes.

4. Upgrade to GraphQL 7: Leverage the power of GraphQL 7 for more flexible and efficient data queries.

5. Upgrade to ABP 9.0: Get access to the latest ABP framework features, enhancing your application’s structure and efficiency.

6. Multi-Lingual Entity Support: Expand your global reach with enhanced support for multi-lingual entities, making your applications more accessible to a diverse user base.

Dive Deeper into the Release

For a detailed look at all the new capabilities and improvements, we invite you to read the original announcement on our website.

Considering an Upgrade? Let's Talk!

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Stay ahead in the fast-evolving world of web development with ASP.NET Zero Framework v13.0!